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DA Hack Has Concluded For 2020

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Learn Some More About The Event

170 Hackers
2 Days Of Fun
Cool Speakers
DA Hack is De Anza's first ever virtual Hacktoberfest. Attendees will have the oppurtunity to contribute to the open source community, connect with industry experts and gain insights from various workshops!
Nice Prizes
Network With Peers
Various Workshops


Learn About The Event Schedule

Event NameHostTime Block
Welcome Session + Project Finding + Q&AThe DA Hack Team10:00m-11:00am
An Intro To GitPriscilla Wang01:00pm-02:00pm
An Intro To APIsSreeya Sai02:15pm-03:15pm
Trade Secrets to Prepare For a 6-Figure Tech CareerCathryn Paterson03:30pm-04:30pm
How To Be a Successful Full Stack DeveloperMatt Upham04:45pm-05:45pm
The Coding ContinuesThe Attendees06:00pm-onwards


Learn About The Event Speakers

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Cathryn Patterson

Founder of icathryn.com and BizPair. A career coaching influencer with a cause

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Sreeya Sai

A software engineer at Drift with experience in numerous technologies, as well as mentoring students

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Priscilla Wang

Founder of Girls Talk Tech, and a developer at JPMorgan

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Justice Ogbonna

A software engineer at Google. Upgrading the world, one line of code at a time

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Nupur Mehta

Co-Founder of OTAinfo, and a Curator at Global Shapers Palo Alto

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Tal Globus

A software engineer at 8x8, with expertise in the field of Machine Learning

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Matt Upham

A software engineer at a growing Fintech company, with many insights into the career of a software developer

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Himanshu Ragtah

Helping catalyze robotics and artificial intelligence R&D. Ex-Tesla, TEDx Speaker, Kairos Fello


Learn About The Event Team

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Sue Yen Tan

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Ryan Teoh

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Yousef Helal

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Carlos Alba

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Ezekiel Chow

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Yusuf Quddus

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Alvin Fabrio

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Arushi Sharma

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Johnny To


Some commonly asked questions

Open source refers to source code that is publicly accessible and allows anyone to inspect, modify or learn from it. Open source projects encourage collaboration and the freedom to use the software for any purpose you wish.

Pull requests are proposed code changes you can submit to a branch in a repository on GitHub. Once submitted, a project maintainer will review and discuss the changes before they become final.

Yup. DA Hack is open to all students, regardless of which school they attend!

DA Hack is open to students of all levels of experience. Whether you are taking your introductory CS class, or have done years of programming, we welcome you!

Nope. DA Hack is open to all students, regardless of their major!

DA Hack will be taking place on the days of October 24th and 25th. On the first day, we will have a welcome session at 9:30am, marking the beginning of DA Hack. We will have various workshops, presentations, and more, until 4pm of the next day!

Unfortunatley, we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. As such, DA Hack will be completley online this year!

We will be hosting all presentations, and live events through Zoom. In terms of contributing, the far majority of that will be done through GitHub!


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The Organizations That Make This Event Possible

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